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In by previous article “with large following comes great influence”.

The more followers you have, the more you are “seen” right? It gives you a greater chance of converting your influence into sales. Monetizing Instagram is the entire reason of trying to acquire a lot of followers it builds great awareness.

You’ve probably heard the stories of Instagram influencers who are turning their influence into revenue.

Huda Kattan — 20.5 million Instagram followers = $18,000 per post

This is the result of Influencers understanding how to connect with their followers; this is something some businesses are struggling to achieve with social media in general. Successful marketing on Instagram some would say is almost directly linked to having a huge amount of followers.

However monetizing accounts are not just limited to those with large followings. Since everyone is taking pictures, user generated content is flooded Instagram. Which give you the ability to get some of that social cash too.

Your probably thinking… “ I should be doing that, but where do I start”

The smaller the following the more intimate the connection can be, building trust and admiration, which can empower purchase decisions of an audience. Having a small account isn’t a disadvantage but a huge opportunity to build a true fan based.

1000 True Fans: By Kevin Kelly

Over the last few years social media platforms have contribute to the success of many marketing campaigns. They have change the way we communicate, socialize and share.

Sponsored Instagram Posts Average $300 Each

But completely transformed the two entities of social media and business working together. Let’s not forget eCommerce, on the horizon is a shopify Instagram integration to enable purchases to be made while users are scrolling their feed.

So are you ready to grab some of this Instagram cash……. well here’s 5 ways you can monetize your Instagram following.

1. Landing Pages

Landing pages are great for collecting emails and delivering offers, utilizing the link in your bio. This is a good way of collecting data from your Instagram traffic, perfect if you have a e-book or offer. It’s a good way to start funneling your followers into future sale offerings.

Displaying a call to action in your posts captions and bio will encourage people to take action. Rule of thumb is to make the offer clear, explain what a person will be receiving once they land on your page, make the landing page easy to use. There are a few tools to help you do this, lead generation solution like Leadpages, Click Funnels,Spreesy or Mailchimp.


Click Funnels



2. Become an Influencer

why not become an Influencer you take pictures, your on Instagram it is the perfect fit. First things first on the way to becoming an Instagram influencer is personality, you need one to survive, number two you have to be interesting. Overall authentic to resonate with the people and this helps them understand your story.

Now its all about your Niche what’s it going to be, are you a motivational personality, fashionista or a fitness guru.Deciding on your Niche will help you find the best way to monetize it, once you gain influencer status.

You can join Influencer communities or platforms to reach to brands and businesses. You can even do it yourself once your documenting data, recording account metrics, such as engagement, reach and audience. Once you have this data create a press-kit and get emailing and networking. Being a Influencer online is cool, its even better when its done in person.

Influencer swap


The Shelf

3. E-commerce

eCommerce has always been a big hit on social media, from viral toys such as spinners to the simple sale of a branded t-shirt. This is another good way of utilizing your followers interests and attention. Here’s a few solutions you can used to boost your eCommerce efforts.

Dropping Shipping

Clothing partnerships

Tee Spring

Society 6

4. Sell Shout outs

Once you are receiving a lot likes, comments and a decent amount of impressions not forgetting followers. People may start approaching you for shout outs. Shout outs are usually sold by 3, 5 or 24 hours time slots.

Pricing is usually set by amount of followers starting out you could get away with charging from $30 upwards for 24 hours post lets if you had 1 to 3k followers. It all depends on your Niche and how well your account performs determines the price really. You can sell your Instagram advertising offers on Telegram, KIK, and Fiverr, I’ve even seen Instagram shout outs being sold on eBay.

5. Affiliate Marketing

The good old affiliate one of the easiest ways to monetized an audience. This kind of marketing works well on Instagram especially with viral products like fidget spinners, as viral content sells viral products.

Products like fidget spinner would be seen advertise on high traffic accounts that are producing or sharing thought provoking content, you know that content which capture your attention.

Cashing in on any social media crazy is always good traffic, the new crazy now is Bitcoin. Where monetizing is simple as share your referral link with your followers to get free Bitcoin or receive a percentage of users funds when they deposit on an exchange or buy bitcoin. Not a bad little number really, if you check this accounts growth in the Cryptocurrency Niche, signals there is a audience to capitalized on.

Just slip your referral link in your bio and maybe send a few direct messages now and then. There are so many option with affiliates from amazon, to software deals and the hall of famer Click Bank.

Cryptocurrency audience

I hope these 5 ways increase your earning potential with your Intagram following….

Stay Gramming,