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Gaining viral status on any social platform is always the dream. Word on the street: Instagram is the platform you need to be going viral on. Going viral on Instagram can bring huge benefits, including followers, impressions and ultimately click- throughs to your sales funnel.

But how do you go viral?

There are a lot of different ideas surrounding this question. Some say to go viral you need to use the popular hashtags, while some say tag bigger accounts, do shout-outs or consider running ads. The truth is going viral on Instagram is slightly technical and not so technical at the same time.

Not all posts are destined for viral success. However, some posts have magically tickled the algorithm to receive a ton of engagement, and then ending up being re-posted on everyone’s profile.

But the question is: How? The main reason is content, viral- type content, things like people jumping out of planes to cats doing funny things.

This is all part of the process, but other factors to consider are: How big is your account following? Are they quality followers? Have you been abusing automation, doing things like rapidly following and unfollowing?

This can be detected as spam and the chances of that account hitting explorer will become a little small.

But with the element of technique, viral things can happen…

Instagram algorithm’s whole purpose is to deliver the best content possible to entice users to stay longer on their platform. Through the Grapevine, it’s become clear Instagram in 2018 is all about IG Stories, video content and user retention.

IG Stories speaks for itself: 250 plus million views per day. As for video, it’s simple: people watching videos means more time spent, and the more money Instagram earns from its ads network.

So here 5 Tips For Going Viral On Instagram

1. Content

With Instagram, the word content gets thrown around a lot and makes you feel lost in the sauce. Everyone, including myself, says you have to have good content.

Yes, that is true, the key to posts going viral is the fact that sometimes it not good content.

It’s the fact the content has caught people’s attention, and isn’t the same content they’re use used to seeing. Memes are holding the crown for this: mad pictures with click bait quotes — you may laugh, but that shit works.

In many cases, though, virality can be engineered by sourcing appealing content, which is the first step. Take this account, for example, which promotes viral funny posts. Their content just screams virality and share-ability.


KaleSalad takes content from trending tweets on Twitter and reposts them to Instagram. If content is viral or performing highly on another social platform, 70% of the time it will perform the same, if not better, when shared on another.

You may see this effect with content shared on Facebook from Whatsapp or vice versa. The key thing with finding viral content on Instagram is to follow big viral accounts, turn on post notification and watch a stack of content, and then repost it once it’s gone viral.

Kale salad original source content from Twitter

2. Niches

So you have content, but what niche is it in, and how well does content perform in that niche? Studying your niche is key to getting an idea of what content themes are working, and what type of posts could potentially go viral. The theory here is piggy-backing-see who’s doing what, and what is going viral in your niche, then repost it to join the viral club…..


Hashtags are how people find content and people who use them get found on Instagram. So researching your hashtags is another key element, as this helps content being pushed from top posts over into Instagram explorer.

Your hashtags selection should be based on picking your top 9 niche hashtags and then top 9 hashtags you can rank for. Chose up to 27 top hashtags in total, then add in 3 branded tags if you want.

When you’re researching your hashtags, instead of trying to compete with all the big accounts with the big hashtags, aim for the smaller tags from 50k to 3 million, as bigger accounts refrain from using smaller tags.

Using hashtags, you can rank for, will get you into the top posts section regularly, helping your content to be pushed into the explorer page

How to do Hashtag research

4. Timing

Overall, optimal posting should always be scheduled to remain connected with your followers. However, for going viral, it is crucial to know when your followers are most active on Instagram.

This will increase the chances of your posts getting some much- needed engagement with in the first 30 minutes of posting. If your activity coincides with Instagram peaks times, then it’s all good.

5. Growth Hacks

Once you have all the above in place, you’re gonna need a little extra push in terms of growth hacks. There are a few hacks out there, But Power likes is a growth hack you need in your utility belt for swinging up the algorithm.

How Power likes work on Instagram is through the value of “interaction & engagement” of accounts with lots of followers. So when a posts receives likes from these big accounts in the region of 100k to 1 million plus followers within the first 30 minutes, Instagram assumes your content is interesting and shows it to more people, which helps push posts into the Top 9 Hashtags and eventually onto the Instagram explorer. Using Power likes is one of the best ways of potentially going viral.

Rule of Thumb: Content should always be thought provoking to trigger engagement

In order for you to be successful with Instagram, it is important to understand how everything works, the algorithm, engagement, hashtags, the whole package, as hitting the explorer requires work, which is always in practice. Going viral is never guaranteed, so don’t expect every post to do so.

The worst thing what happens if you don’t go viral is that your account reach will continue to grow more each time. This will rank your account as highly active and the Instagram algorithm will love that.

See you on the explorer page 🙂

Stay Gramming,

Signing off,

Len 🙂